Connect -- connect:

“hook up”:

Hook-up or even connect offers a number of connotations: *Making an association, particularly an electric link *An electric connection * Get together. **Slang phrase with regard to courtship, particularly associated with brief length **Casual romantic relationship or even Informal intercourse *In city slang, a… Wikipedia

hook-up connect ups D DEPEND: gener supp D The connect is really a link in between 2 locations, techniques, or even items. Drinking water as well as electrical connect ups can be found as well as amenities tend to be great British book

hook-up connect noun 1. An association two. The short-term connecting upward associated with individual broadcasting channels for any unique tranny Primary Admittance: connect Helpful british book

connect (with (someone)) to satisfy somebody as well as spend some time collectively. We had been vacationing on it’s own, however We connected along with an additional lady regarding my personal grow older Brand new idioms book

hook-up d the short-term link in between 2 items for example computer systems, or even in between a bit of gear as well as a good electrical power or even drinking water provide Book associated with modern British

hook-up NOUN an association in order to mains electrical power, the marketing communications program, and so on British conditions book

hook|up HUK UHP, noun. 1. the actual agreement as well as link from the areas of the stereo arranged, phone, stereo broadcasting amenities, or even additional electric or even digital gear: He or she offered the talk prior to 10, 000 individuals within Cleveland, that was transmit on the Helpful british book

connect action-word link or even hyperlink (Freq. 1) connect the actual homes towards the gasoline provide collection Connect the actual aspects of the brand new audio system Derivationally associated types: hookup Hypernyms: connect Action-word Structures Helpful british book

connect phrasal action-word Term types connect. existing tight I/you/we/they connect he/she/it shacks up existing participle starting up previous tight connected previous participle connected 1) a) [transitive] for connecting 2 bits of electric or even digital equipment… British book

connect . UNITED KINGDOM ALL OF US connect (with sb/sth) Phrasal Action-word along with hook( <<> >/h k/ action-word [T] CASUAL to satisfy or even start to utilize someone else or even business: the meeting exactly where new venture businesses may connect along with traders. UNITED KINGDOM ALL OF US connect (sth) upward Monetary as well as company conditions

Connect Infobox Solitary Title = Connect Designer = Beginning Raid Just about all Superstars through Recording = Launched = 2004 Structure = COMPACT DISC Solitary Documented = 2004 Style = Rap Duration = Content label = Beginning Raid Amusement Author = Maker = Graph placement = Evaluations = Final solitary = n/a… Wikipedia


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